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BBC bias example #1

June 6, 2008

Since many people claim that BBC favors Israel I’ll post some examples to show the opposite.
Here’s one:
Two dead in Gaza-Israel attacks
Main Middle East page text: A Palestinian girl is killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza launched after militants killed a civilian on an Israeli farm, medics say
This is impartial as far as I can judge, both sides’ actions are clearly cited. What’s omitted is why each side did what they did.

Inside the article, a bold text says A young Palestinian girl has been killed by an Israeli shell in the southern Gaza Strip, medics said.. No mention of Israeli casualties. They are mentioned later (reminds me of “small text at the bottom” in advertisements). There’s an explanation of the IDF attack however: it targeted the area from where the mortar shelling took place. By the way, Palestinians fired 3 mortars on the same area – a factory – and the workers didn’t have an alarm to warn them.

The most important news that BBC conveniently forgot to post, is that Hamas took responsibility for the fatal shelling.
Also no mention of Kassam rocket attack a week ago that wounded some people.
No mention of Ban Ki-Moon condemning Palestinians and Israelis. He should only condemn Israel if he wants someone to hear him.


4 Children Die in Gaza fighting

April 28, 2008

This is very sad. I don’t understand why things like that continue to happen. Our army tries its best to avoid civilian casualties, yet they fail time after time. IAF uses precision guided rockets with low explosion power, you can see in their site just how accurate these rockets are. There’s little chance they missed the militants and struck the house. Ynet says they hit the militants but there was a secondary explosion of the ammo they carried. This is very unfortunate, Hamas should keep explosives away from civilians.