BBC: London summit on Jewish refugees

Jewish groups from around the world are meeting in London to highlight the plight of Jews who left their homes in Arab nations after Israel was founded.

The amount of Jews that emigrated from Arab lands is equal to the number of Arabs who emigrated from Israel. While Jewish refugees were accepted as equals in then poor and war-torn Israeli society, rich Arab kings placed the Arab refugees in camps and started calling them Palestinians. This is the root of the conflict, the creation of a people that are united only by hatred and mistreatment by other peoples.

Jews are united by a similar force, and look how successful we are. But fear is not the only thing that unites us. There’s also a unique religion, consolidated societies, Jewish values and traditions. No matter how much the Arab world will mistreat the Palestinian refugees, they won’t become as successful as Jews in the near future. Only the survival of centuries of persecution can make a people as strong as Jews. I wish the Palestinians to have a better future.



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