Log of humanitarian assistance reveals that there’s no “Gaza siege”

Total Supplies to Gaza, according to the Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (link), from June 16, 2007 to June 15, 2008: 24,375 trucks; 579,491 tons. That’s about 1kg/day per capita. So was Jimmy Carter’s “starvation” speech based on reality? You should also count Hamas attacks on the border crossings in the above log.

If people in Gaza suffered from hunger, would they have a fertility rate of 5.5? No matter how much aid they get, they make more children than they can sustain and then BBC writes “Nai’ma can no longer afford to feed her 10 children“.

They should acknowledge that they are getting their food and focus on what they are not getting: permits to go abroad, permits to visit Israeli hospitals, work permits in Israel, import and export of other goods, etc. They will always be dependent on Israel for most of their import and export (they grow great strawberries), and they should not try to besiege themselves by attacking the crossings.

Hamas and its likes are creating the appearance of a humanitarian crisis on purpose.


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