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2 Sudanese shot dead on Egypt-Israel border

June 28, 2008

Egyptian police shot dead two Africans, one a seven-year-old girl, in the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday as they tried to cross the border illegally into Israel, a security official said.


Palestinians break the ceasefire

June 24, 2008

At least two rockets landed today in Sderot. Islamic Jihad took responsibility and said it’s a revenge for the killing of two of its members in the West Bank, which is not part of the truce.

This is not a surprise, Hamas PM said earlier that they’re not responsible for other terrorist organizations’ activities, and they will continue smuggling arms into Gaza.

I wonder whether there’s a document both sides signed, because each side tells almost opposite things about the agreement. And which of all the Palestinian terror organizations signed it? Was it just Hamas, in a bid to portray itself as the sole ruler of Gaza and to fool the enemy?

BBC: London summit on Jewish refugees

June 23, 2008

Jewish groups from around the world are meeting in London to highlight the plight of Jews who left their homes in Arab nations after Israel was founded.

The amount of Jews that emigrated from Arab lands is equal to the number of Arabs who emigrated from Israel. While Jewish refugees were accepted as equals in then poor and war-torn Israeli society, rich Arab kings placed the Arab refugees in camps and started calling them Palestinians. This is the root of the conflict, the creation of a people that are united only by hatred and mistreatment by other peoples.

Jews are united by a similar force, and look how successful we are. But fear is not the only thing that unites us. There’s also a unique religion, consolidated societies, Jewish values and traditions. No matter how much the Arab world will mistreat the Palestinian refugees, they won’t become as successful as Jews in the near future. Only the survival of centuries of persecution can make a people as strong as Jews. I wish the Palestinians to have a better future.

Log of humanitarian assistance reveals that there’s no “Gaza siege”

June 18, 2008

Total Supplies to Gaza, according to the Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (link), from June 16, 2007 to June 15, 2008: 24,375 trucks; 579,491 tons. That’s about 1kg/day per capita. So was Jimmy Carter’s “starvation” speech based on reality? You should also count Hamas attacks on the border crossings in the above log.

If people in Gaza suffered from hunger, would they have a fertility rate of 5.5? No matter how much aid they get, they make more children than they can sustain and then BBC writes “Nai’ma can no longer afford to feed her 10 children“.

They should acknowledge that they are getting their food and focus on what they are not getting: permits to go abroad, permits to visit Israeli hospitals, work permits in Israel, import and export of other goods, etc. They will always be dependent on Israel for most of their import and export (they grow great strawberries), and they should not try to besiege themselves by attacking the crossings.

Hamas and its likes are creating the appearance of a humanitarian crisis on purpose.

Hamas and Fatah are working together to create a humanitarian crisis in Gaza

June 11, 2008

In one hour on Tuesday morning, members of the Hamas military wing fired 20 mortar rounds towards a border crossing used to pump fuel into Gaza.

Remember the truck bomb at Erez humanitarian crossing? Fatah claimed responsibility for the attempted truck bomb attack on Erez. The bomber was a 23 year old man from Jabalya refugee camp. These camps are an abomination, why do Palestinians keep Palestinians in refugee camps? PA should spend their budget on improving people’s lives rather than buying more weapons from rich smugglers.

Do the Palestinian leaders want peace? Do they want the humanitarian help they receive? I know that their people want both, but their leaders are determined they don’t get anything, all in order to make the people fight a useless and desperate war against Israel.

BBC bias example #1

June 6, 2008

Since many people claim that BBC favors Israel I’ll post some examples to show the opposite.
Here’s one:
Two dead in Gaza-Israel attacks
Main Middle East page text: A Palestinian girl is killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza launched after militants killed a civilian on an Israeli farm, medics say
This is impartial as far as I can judge, both sides’ actions are clearly cited. What’s omitted is why each side did what they did.

Inside the article, a bold text says A young Palestinian girl has been killed by an Israeli shell in the southern Gaza Strip, medics said.. No mention of Israeli casualties. They are mentioned later (reminds me of “small text at the bottom” in advertisements). There’s an explanation of the IDF attack however: it targeted the area from where the mortar shelling took place. By the way, Palestinians fired 3 mortars on the same area – a factory – and the workers didn’t have an alarm to warn them.

The most important news that BBC conveniently forgot to post, is that Hamas took responsibility for the fatal shelling.
Also no mention of Kassam rocket attack a week ago that wounded some people.
No mention of Ban Ki-Moon condemning Palestinians and Israelis. He should only condemn Israel if he wants someone to hear him.