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Moral Dilemmas Regarding Israel-Gaza Border Crossings

April 30, 2008

BBC: Israel’s dilemma over sick Gazans
Sick Gazans treatment in Israeli hospital near Gaza is under attack by terrorists’ rockets and mortars. I understand that Erez border crossing can be thought of as a legitimate target – Israeli soldiers are guarding it and a soldier is a legitimate target in a war. Although if I were a Palestinian I would choose other targets, because Erez is used to transfer humanitarian aid. But why would Palestinians launch rockets on a hospital that treats Palestinians? Sometimes it seems that there are a few hard-line terrorists there that have no remorse to their own people, and they’ll do virtually anything to kill Israelis.

Reminds me of this case where a Palestinian girl tried to blow up a hospital where she was treated, because she had severe burns that prevented her from marrying and having a happy life:


4 Children Die in Gaza fighting

April 28, 2008

This is very sad. I don’t understand why things like that continue to happen. Our army tries its best to avoid civilian casualties, yet they fail time after time. IAF uses precision guided rockets with low explosion power, you can see in their site just how accurate these rockets are. There’s little chance they missed the militants and struck the house. Ynet says they hit the militants but there was a secondary explosion of the ammo they carried. This is very unfortunate, Hamas should keep explosives away from civilians.

Hello World

April 26, 2008

Hello and welcome !

This blog is dedicated to promoting peace between the Palestinians and the Jews, fair media coverage, and tackling hate preaching and incitement by politicians.

About myself: I am a leftist Jew living in Haifa, Israel. As you know, our wonderful city has a big population of Arabs (almost 20%) and we live side by side just as I hope the whole Middle East will live in the future.